Our Story

Ever since I studied Graphic Design at uni, far too long ago that I care to share, I’ve always thought how wildly cool it would be to create my own apparel range. At the time, it seemed like just a dream.

Years later, during 2019/early 2020, my partner and I spent over 12 months on a lap of Australia - yup, an entire lap - we did well over 26,000kms. And let me tell you, you’ve got A LOT of spare time that gets dedicated to thinking when you’re driving around the entire country, especially when you have no reception for half the lap. Just you and your thoughts.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take too long before I landed on “f*ck it, I’m gonna give it a go.” And just like that, Benny was born.

Where to next? Well, that’s up to you. Flaunt that Central Coast local support; purchase something, follow us, share our page, like our content, and we’ll see where life takes us - somewhere incredible, we hope.

- N.

Instagram // @bennysupplyco
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Central Coast, NSW, Australia.