Who is Benny?

Who is Benny?

For years I’d pondered how wildly cool it would be to create my own apparel range - a few of my pals can undeniably swear to this - but it always seemed like just a dream. It wasn’t until my partner and I spent over 12 months on a lap around Australia - yup, an entire lap. We did well over 46,000kms on the trip, and lived in a rooftop tent the entire time - and let me tell you, you’ve got a lot of spare time that gets dedicated to thinking when you’re driving around the entire country, especially when you have no reception for half the lap. Just you and your thoughts. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take too long before I landed on “f*ck it, I’m gonna give it a go.” And just like that, Benny was born.

We are a Central Coast based small business with sustainable options front of mind. The apparel we print on is responsibly sourced and ethically produced, printed in Australia, packaged in recyclable materials and delivered to you in a compostable satchel. Choosing these practices means our products cost us more to produce, package and post, however this is very important to us and to our customers, that as a brand, we choose this direction and do our small part in as many ways as we can moving forward.

As for right now, we’re just enjoying the ride, doing something we absolutely love and sharing it with our like-minded community - chasing Good Days, Always. Now, let me guess, you’re wondering where you can find our apparel? Unfortunately, we don’t have any local stockists at this time and are online only (local pop-up offers are extremely open). So, each and every sale we make online means more to us than you’ll ever know. These sales drive our creativity and are what allows Benny to thrive and continue production each and every season. Our dream is that one day Benny will become a household name and one of the coast’s most loved brands - we don’t want to see this end.

So, where to next? Well, that’s up to you. Flaunt that local support: purchase our products, visit us at markets, follow us, share our page, like our content, and we’ll see where life takes us - somewhere incredible, we hope.


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