Sustainable Series - Cape Byron Distillery

Sustainable Series - Cape Byron Distillery

Cape Byron Distillery, home of Brookie’s Byron Gin, was founded in 2016 on the now regenerated 95 acre family property. Visit Cape Byron Distillery to learn more. Instagram // @capebyrondistillery In 1988 Pam and Martin Brook purchased the property, which at the time was a desolate and weed infested, run-down dairy farm. The Brook family set about planting 4,500 macadamia trees and 40,000 native rainforest plants on the property. Today the land is a thriving regenerated ecosystem with countless self-seeded rainforest trees that serve as essential habitat for the vulnerable native wildlife such as the Koala.

It is this unique rainforest that the distillery sources the ingredients and inspiration to craft Brookie’s Byron Gin. This rainforest is also the environment in which Cape Byron Single Malt Whisky rests in oak casks to slowly mature and breathes in the air to age their single malt Australian whisky.

Cape Byron Distillery views its business as a force for good, going beyond industry norms, creating and implementing better solutions and hopefully working to teach and inspire others to do so to make the distilling industry a leader in sustainable practice.

The team at has implemented several goals to ensure they continue to improve procedures upholding the highest sustainability standards. These goals include improving the rainforest regeneration on site and protecting the biodiversity, as well as eliminating negative impacts from production. Cape Byron Distillery is choosing longterm investments over quick wins, and measures their success based on the positive impact they create.


Article and images by @capebyrondistillery (IG)

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