On February 3rd, SUBCULTURE AGENCY & AVERAGE SHOTS teamed up to bring Long Jetty an event called LUCKY SHOT where 22 film photographers (locally and nationally) were selected to have their works shown at Lucky Surf Supply in Long Jetty. 

Electronic Artist and Producer Kilter played a DJ set while people rolled through to vote for their favorite photo of the night with central-coast local and filmmaker Ian Tyley ( taking home the first prize, with Victoria Campelo picking up second prize & Hannah Griffiths landing third prize. All incredible upcoming film photographers, that you should check out!

Once 8pm pulled around and sun started to make tracks setting for the evening, Long Jetty based-band STUPID BABY hit the stage for a 45 minute set that echoed from Lucky Surf to Blue Bay, picking up a few extra punters out of the surf.


Hey, How are ya? Who Do We Have Today? SB: Hey mate, you’ve got Eli (Bass), Jake (Vocals/Drums) and Will (Guitar) and I’ve gotta say we are happier than a butcher's dog, life's good. 

How'd you enjoy the gig on Friday behind Lucky Surf Shop for Lucky Shot for SUBCULTURE & Average Shots! SB: Couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more. It really felt like the community was coming back together, the team put on a top shelf event. It was really nice to see the young kids and families coming out and enjoying the event. 

Are you excited for more local events and gigs to start happening around the coast? SB: It feels like everyone has been waiting for the coast to recover and get back on its feet with local gigs and events. The punters are here and keen, we just need the right people to hold the torch and make it happen.

I saw you are performing at the Long Jetty Festival in March! What can you tell us about that? SB: The festival is an opportunity for the coast to celebrate the best of what we have to offer, every year it gets better and better. Please keep an eye out for a couple of surprises from your favorite babies this year.

What are some places that you recommend readers to check out around Long Jetty / your area / What's the go? SB: Perfect day in the 2261 - Start your day right at our favorite Bateau Beach Cafe, followed by a walk through Wyrrabalong National Park to go and burn one down at Crackneck or Forries Tower, afterwards swim the afternoon away at Blue Bay and sink a couple at The Jetto with kick ons at The Savoy if you don't have work in the morning.

Can you tell us your plans to release more music? SB: We are always in the studio at our second home Lake House Audio so we have a couple songs in the bank ready to put out this year so keep an eye on our Spotify and socials!

What does the future hold for Stupid Baby? SB: The only plan SB has ever had is to have as much fun as we can and play music to as many people as we can. 

What are your top records on rotation at the moment?
Dinosaur JR - Beyond
The Melvins - A Senile Animal
The Smile - A light for attracting attention 

Any final words for Benny? SB:Thanks to everyone that's taken the time to listen to or shown interest in what we are doing, it means the world to us and special thanks to the crew at Subculture and Average Shots!


Article and interview by Jonny Blackwell of Subculture? Agency (IG)

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