Melodious Haze - Hotel Surrender, Chet Faker

Melodious Haze - Hotel Surrender, Chet Faker

Chet Faker
Hotel Surrender


The master of swoon is back, our boy Nick Murphy a.k.a Chet Faker. After hitting the scene with a triumphant debut in 2014 titled Built on Glass, the lad went away from the fruity chillwave mixes we love and released a pair of albums under the name Nick Murphy. These were hardly a pair of pocket aces and thankfully the Chet Faker is back and we hope for the long haul!

Hotel Surrender features everything we have come to adore in the tender beat master from Melbourne. This is the kind of summer essential we need right now, sitting there crushing an ice cold foamy one after a great day in the water. It hits all the right spots, from the outset of the on paced

Oh Me Oh My, followed by the gloomy throbs of Low, we have ourself a double pack of conscious goodness.

Get High and Whatever Tomorrow carry on the early momentum with absolute aplomb; this is entirely sounding like the early Chet Faker, and respectfully we kinda ask where did Chet go for the past 6 years? Well nonetheless, the move to New York appears to be paying great dividends as the artistry appears well and truly back.

So Long So Lonely tidies things up nicely with some semantic synthesiser driving deep inside even the weariest of ear drums. Our only wish thing here is for the album to finish as hard hitting as it starts out but hey, who are we to complain, Chet Faker is with us again!


Review written by Luke Foster.

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