Flour & Co.

Flour & Co.

Picture this…

A slow Sunday morning. The sun is shining, the warm coastal breeze brushes against your face and the delicious smell of coffee and baked goods dances along the air. Sounds like heaven right? Well, it’s close.

Flour and Co is Toowoon Bay’s little slice of heaven. This bustling, family run café is a fan favourite of locals and beyond (as one of the “beyond”, take my word for it). The vibe is super friendly and the staff are so happy and welcoming which just sets a great scene for the whole experience.

The coffee is delicious- smooth and creamy always- and worth the trip. Take it down to the beach to keep that happy, stress-free morning rolling or (better yet) grab it on the way to work to make your day better.

You’re also spoiled for choice with the food. They’ve got house baked pies and sausage rolls that are flaky and flavourful, the spinach roll is divine, and they have burrito options handy to be consumed as well! There are toasties and pastries and sweets and bread- you really can have whatever you’re in the mood for.

Take yourself to Flour and Co soon. It’s a wonderful place and you won’t be disappointed.

Flour & Co.
8 Toowoon Bay Rd
Toowoon Bay NSW 2261

Article written by Jess Moroney.

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