A Salty Lap... Or Two

A Salty Lap... Or Two

A question we get asked so much - where has been your favourite place?

Brendan (my partner) and I (Claire) have now been on the road travelling Australia for 15 months now. The most common question we get asked - “Where has been your favourite place?” 

Well let me begin... we left home in a 2WD van, travelled with this along the south coast of Australia for 4 months and headed to Perth. After speaking to numerous people who had just come from North Western Australia - it was reiterated to us, 'Oh you'll need a 4WD!'. It didn't take much convincing to make the trade to a Troopcarrier and a last minute decision to purchase a tinny to drag behind it. And boy did this decision pay dividends in Western Australia.

It's funny, in Torquay, Victoria, the lifestyle we were living was filled with stoke, and fun, and adventures, and the outdoors, but just a different type to what we experienced in North WA. We begun 4WDing, free-diving, spear fishing, tinny bashing and this was NEVER on our radar back home.  I think this is why the Mid North West (Coral Coast) was able to claim the title of our favourite place in Australia. Not only were the landscapes, wildlife, meeting travelling friends, and just pure remoteness of the area, new and exciting for us. But the discovery of new hobbies, learning the ropes of different tasks, new ways to find fulfilment and ultimate just made the experience second to none.

When travelling, there are so many things that can alter your experience of a place; eg rain, the people, wind, your mental state at the time, the dynamic with your partner, are you home sick, do you feel fulfilled, the list goes on. But the Coral Coast was one of those places that just ticked every box, it just felt right being there and we didn’t want to go anywhere else. Don't get me wrong, we had our fair share of challenges - as you do when you are on the road full-time, but it didn't seem to take away from our experience of this magical coast line.

Where is the coral coast though, I've never heard of it? Well, neither had I before leaving home, I just thought WA consisted of Perth, down south, Broome and the Kimberleys and there was just nothing else in between.

The Coral coast runs from Geraldton (424km N of Perth) to North West Cape (1260km N of Perth). 

This is what comes to mind upon reflecting on the special places on the Coral Coast.

Red Bluff

A remote station paradise. Surrounded by red cliffs. Underwater caves. Peeling left hand reef break. Surf on my birthday. Snorkelers haven. More fish than I've ever seen in one place. Spear-fishing delight. Brendan’s first Spangled Emperor. An open mic night. Bringing everyone together. First sighting of a Manta Ray. No service

Gnarloo Station

The people, the people, the people. This place attracts the same people with the same frothy outlook. Surfing at Tombstones. A goal achieved. Daily icypoles. Snorkelling the bay. Fresh sashimi Tuna. Macky steaks. Beach launching the boat. Fresh Cod. Dune driving to more surf breaks. March flys. Beach hangs all day. Roasted marshmellows. Emu exports. Campfires. No service.

South Lefroy (Ningaloo Station)

First tinny mission to the outer Ningaloo reef. Schools of spanish mackeral. Bagging out on fresh fish. First whale shark sighting. I speared my first fish. Water clarity A++. Family (travel friends) cookups. Dune driving. Sunset lookouts. Great books were read. No service.

You get so set in your ways sometimes, doing the things you know you love, you forget to explore new things, see new places, learn new hobbies. Sometimes it’s worth it.

Article by Claire from @saltylap (IG)

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