Pinnochios Wine Bar

Pinnochios Wine Bar

One of the best Italian feeds on the Central Coast- and there’s no nose growing following this statement.

If you didn’t know that Gosford was housing this hidden gem, where have you been? It’s broody, it’s moody and it’s absolutely delicious. Imagine yourself in the heart and soul of Italy, except it’s just down the road. Pinocchio’s Wine and Pizza is more than just a restaurant- it Is a destination!

The bar is front and centre in this wonderful restaurant, with the staff busy mixing and concocting some pretty wonderful magic in there. In true authentic style, wine is front and centre. Picture endless options, an extensive wine list and a buzz of “mmmmmmm’s” and “ahhhhhhhh’s”. For my fellow cocktail lovers, they’ve got classics covered (hello espresso martini!), some amazing originals (the ‘Miami Heat’ is a MUST!) and always have some absolutely banging specials to keep you on your toes.

Delightful morsels - it’s the only way to describe the food! That buzz of conversation is paused when that first bite hits your mouth. Because the best food is always celebrated with silent appreciation first. The mission is simple: serve delicious food, exciting food that guests will want to return for- and you’ll leave planning your next reservation to try all the dishes you didn’t get to. But if you need some guidance, the Polpette and the Mushroom Arancini are an absolute hit! Tasty and satisfying with each chew and full of flavour. The traditional plate of steaming carbonara is another favourite- crispy, smoky pancetta and authentic sauce just really takes you to Italy with every bite. Pizza lovers eat your heart out: the list and flavours give you any and every option you need (but can I just say, the Prawn Pizza is YUM!) Obviously the second stomach comes into play for dessert and, even if you’re full, the cannoli is never a bad idea.

Now, all that’s left to do is plan your visit! You’ve got a lazy lunch option on Fridays and Saturdays from 12-3pm or dinner at your fingertips Tuesday through Saturday 4-9pm. No occasion necessary, just grab yourself a guest and go! Give them a call or book online, but have fun deciding what to start with from this wonderful menu.

Pinnochio’s Wine and Pizza Bar
32 William St, Gosford NSW 2250

Article by Jess Moroney.

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